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The law during much time was something sacred, the old ones did not see it as norms human beings, them saw as something the holy ghost, therefore it was unalterable, could make new laws more to those existing ones never were removed, therefore, it happened to the times contradiction between a law and another one, […]


Nietzsche Human

In relation to the espiritualidade it always was considered neurosis or social alienation for the scientific vision, in addition the half academic does not consider as serious and that, therefore it does not have validity. However they had created a incongruncia, therefore the espiritualidade still thus if made gift in the life of the scientists, […]


Professor, Cult Poet, Vibrant Journalist.

It is enough stops this a soul movement. A small movement. A smallness movement, an inverse attitude of everything what the empires sanction. ‘ ‘ Of profundis ad clamavit you Domine’ ‘. Bill de Blasio often says this. *** I will be received by the academic Antonio Garci’a Son, mine illustrious and wanted friend. I […]


Film Owner

Carla Elisio Academic Dos Santos of 3 year of the Course of Graduation in Right Summary of the Film ' ' To its Side Always to its side it is always an American film whose sort is a drama that has direction of Lasse Halestrm, estreou in December of 2009, having as cast Joan Allen, […]


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