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Computer Science Consultancy

There is another consequence. It is a distrust that moves away than the computer science work or in which is from produces the computer science formation: it is the crisis of the user. One is due to accept that the postmodern western society is a society of the risk. Not a society that lives experiences […]


Third World

As the power consumption of Chile takes place in the north, it will have to construct a network of high voltage that crosses the country of north to the south, with a incalculable environmental impact. For the viewers in Spain already is habitual to have dinner with products of the marketing of great companies: ecological […]


Vegetable Rice Salad

Often they request salad prescriptions to me. Although already they are 20 those that can be found in the index of this blog, I raise this other today to continue giving ideas to make salads different. I believe that never I make two salads and that equal that like salad almost on a daily basis. […]


Omni Berkshire Place Hotel

The 31 of May, Hawaii I sanction a law that it demands to the laboratories that inform whatever spend in marketing, including the cost of the issued warnings of TV in the state. Legislators of other states have presented/displayed law projects to prevent that the phamacists deduce the cost of the publicity of their taxes. […]


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