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Program Work Studentur

In Russia, the agencies organizing the program very much, for example Studentur, Studentur, ICI, Putilin tour and others. That the program of Studentur (Studentur) for me? As a participant of the Work and travel USA, student legal work during the summer holidays in the United States in services (hotels, restaurants, parks, recreation and entertainment, shops, […]

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At this point as lucky if you did not come in the midst of the season, then you can go relatively quickly, perhaps in a couple of hours you have to sit crammed bus, where not even move it will be difficult, the availability of tickets is not always means that you will have a […]

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Probably The Best Vacation On The Island

Greek boat, responding to muffled gentle slapping of waves on board, gliding toward the shore. And the beach this fabulous country appeared ancient heroes. We returned to Crete with a tour of the island of Spinalonga, where the admired of the ancient Venetian fortress. Cretan shore … That's the way it should stick to it, […]

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