The Capital

Later that the battalions had taken the due positions, were collocada, for srs governor and president of the intendancy, the rock of the commemorative monument. For this occasio the music bands had touched hymno of the Republic, saving 4 battalion d? artillery. s 10 hours, after cultivated and assignado respctivo auto, was exhausted the civic procession, covering some clubs with flags and trophus the streets of the capital. Day 16? s 9 hours of the morning, in the hall of palacete, where the old provincial assembly functions, made the municipal intendancy its session solemne, in the way of great competition of people. ‘ ‘ We all find in this programming an establishment of joys and symbols that try strengthen in imaginary the popular one, the parties as an important moment of identification and of dither of the republican traditions that if it searched to fix.

Of the launching of a basic rock when touching of the national hymn we have an excellent example of the republican alegoria that determined ‘ ‘ sagrao glorious data’ ‘. The tradition works, in this in case that, for the formation of a ritual that the public ceremonies of dither of the regimen gain a species of ‘ ‘ cerimonial’ ‘ that it respectively congregates procession, communion of the symbols and participation of public people or not necessarily ‘ ‘ pblicas’ ‘. The order of these civic processions acquires a pedagogical force, since beyond transmitting the symbology necessary to acquire the value of the institution, impersonaties symbols, rituals and is placed as consensus moment that reduces the existing differences between the diverse classrooms on behalf of the regimen. Geraldo Rabbit in its book In the heart of the people, works the idea as the paraenses republicans had developed a program of parties that exaltavam and glorified regimen.


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