The Mystical Industralist

Memory that in an occasion, for already some years (in the presidential term of Miguel Of Madrid, in the decade of the 80 s, in Mexico), one of my cousins me platicaba about the businesses of its family and that then were directed by their father my uncle. Among others businesses had a company of gas distribution in an important city of the interior of the Mexican Republic. Is being who my uncle and my cousin were in a proprietor meeting of companies gaseras of that zone of the country and discussed about the prevailing situation derived from the control of prices settled down by the government and than they could make to protect his trade union interests, and mainly, his utilities more and more decreased by the implemented economic decisions in those days. Some of the owners of gaseras proposed that each gas cylinder took to less kilos of the fuel del that would have to take, of such form that, for example, would sell a tank or cylinder of gas of 20 kilograms just by 18 or less kilos. This the handicapped would serve to repay a little margin of utilities, since anyway they would acquire the same controlled price established by the authorities. Practically all the presents in the meeting except one supported the initiative. That " uno" he was my uncle. He argued that, like industralists who were, they had to do against his social responsibility, not concerning the economic sacrifice that it represented.

They could not defraud the clients who went to them to buy the product to them. At the end of the meeting, and not to make the story longest, the consensus was to sell cylinders of 20 kilos with 20 kilos of gas. This brief anecdote serves to illustrate that in the world mystical industralists exist. Mystics? Perhaps you ask yourself, what mystical them are not in the Churches or the temples? The answer is a butcher NO! Now it is that it is easier to find to mystical people in a company or organization that in a monastery or church.


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