The Second International Colloquium

In the context of the French case it excels one spread modality of intermunicipal participation in the different metropolitan agglomerations, thanks to which they are coordinated and integrated policies and instruments for the use of the ground at different levels, policies for the regional natural parks and the periurban areas. Concerning Italy, important profits obtained in some Italian localities stand out and that can be included/understood effectively making excursus by the different norms and public and deprived initiatives, without neglecting the respective measures of application that they have given to the practices agriculturists a paper of production of ” externalities ambientales”. The case of Parco Agricolo Sud Milano deserves an important mention (PASM): an agricultural park that associates 61 municipalities in the South zone of the Province of Milan to protect present agriculture in environs of the city. Escudriando in the bases of the project at issue identifies the importance that the dynamic study deserves and the understanding of that accompanied the creation by the PASM, considering the two precise aspects good: one of interpretative type, in reference to the legal and administrative norm for a correct application to the territorial planning; the other, of critical and valuing type of the potentialities, the limits and the evolutionary processes that the beings characterize public with decision-making powers in the field of the government of territory . This work could see a positive conclusion previously retaking the reported experiences and structuring them so that they act like a valid tool in the identification of key elements necessary to implant, to maintain and to fortify periurban agriculture in the Colombian context, where a situation appears before litteram in which not yet east term like so is clear, neglecting therefore its multiple connotations and the possibility of promoting the new paper of the agriculture of proximity for the urban planning of the periphery. Bibliography The FAO, Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture, Report presented in The Second International Colloquium of Majors on for Governance Sustainable Growth and Equity, UNDP, United Nations, New York City, 1997 Economic Comitato European Sociale (CEASE), Parere of European the economic comitato and sociale sul subject l” periurban agricoltura, Brussels, 2004 Bonnefoy Serge, L Agriculture Priurbaine Franaise: him rseau Terres in Villes ET l exprience of ses agglomrations, ADAYG (Association Dveloppement Agriculture dans l and Grenoblois) ET Terres in villes (Association agriculture priurbaine), Grenoble, 2005 Rebholtz Vronique, Lenoble Clmnt, to cures I gave, Charte of dveloppement agricole of Vernouillet.

Acteurs unites mobilisation DES locaux pour maintien d to him unites agriculture qui preserves biodiversit DES essences local, Bergerie Nationale, Vernouillet, 2006 Donadieu Piere, Campagne Urbane.


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