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Naturally, both gas-producing states to refuse it. Then last year, the EU delegation signed nearly a preliminary agreement with Turkmenistan, but at the last moment, all ruined. Turkmens have offered to submit to Nabucco 10 billion cubic meters of gas a year, but they wanted to keep this digit secret until the signing of a definitive agreement to derail their talks with China, Iran and Russia on the same gas. Unfortunately, the Commission immediately acquainted with the details of this proposal press, Turkmenistan therefore reject it. Ashgabat has recently attempted to resume the talks, sending its envoy in Brussels, Foreign Minister in Washington. But this window of opportunity seems to have closed. July 24 Heightened irritability SITUATION NOTHING OVER talks between Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan on the Caspian Sea Resources section. The Europeans also have a long way to catch up with their Chinese competitors who have just invested $ 3 billion in Turkmen gas field Southern Yolotan, as well as stepped up efforts to build a pipeline to China via Kazakhstan.

The pipeline can be completed in 2010 – with a year ahead of schedule. Another possibility is to connect Nabucco Iraq. The country has enough natural gas to fill at least five pipe sizes with Nabucco. Today, when I finally finalized a long-awaited law on natural resources of Iraq, this is still troubled country is a very real option for Europe. Two of the members of the consortium Nabucco company – Austrian OMV and Hungary's MOL., already invested in gas fields in Iraqi Kurdistan.

However, many Iraqi politicians prefer to keep the gas for domestic consumption and export it through the Persian Gulf. Nor Washington nor Brussels has not taken efforts to persuade Baghdad on Nabucco. As for the Russian alternative to the Nabucco, then the recent visit of the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin in Ankara where he signed an agreement with the Turkish Prime Minister secured the support of Turkey in the pipeline "Southern stream", which will link South and Central Europe and Russia via the Black Sea. The cost of laying the "South Stream" is $ 20-24 billion This will be the most expensive pipeline project in history, but to "Gazprom" in its funding will certainly help the Russian government and got hold of Caspian gas, Moscow certainly put an end to fat Nabucco. Turkey and other countries in the way of Nabucco, enthusiastically joined in this geopolitical game, considering the proposals of both parties. The Turkish authorities have tried, even though without much success, to link the negotiations on pipeline to Turkey's application for EU membership, while maintaining options for cooperation with Russia (The New York Times 06.08.09.).

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