Toy Library

For example, try to find toys and material as the child's reactions to them, to provide such information to toy manufacturers who request it, fixing those toys that have been damaged, etc. Between profits and the benefits we can consider the Toy Library: – The Toy Library meets the needs of children mostly alone, with parents who do not play. In her family ties narrow gain strength and relationships between parents and children. – The Toy Library is a keeper of the quality of play and gives parents the chance to try before you buy different toys. There, the child user becomes the creator and host of toys, some of them even created by other children their age. – The Toy Library is an attempt to control the irrational consumption. The prices of toys, such as all items are continually increasing, which is why the Toy Library has become an excellent option.

– The principle of the Toy Library aims to improve the quality of human life and establish bonds within a community, through participation in the game. Target: At a general level, the Toy Library is a resource for children standard for training and learning fun through play. To him, come regularly, once they have left school and finished their school day. As mentioned above, these resources contribute to the integral development of children and plays an number of important roles. The recipients of the Toy Library are, therefore, children between 2 and 14 years or so, they may be somewhat higher.


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