Vegetable Rice Salad

Often they request salad prescriptions to me. Although already they are 20 those that can be found in the index of this blog, I raise this other today to continue giving ideas to make salads different. I believe that never I make two salads and that equal that like salad almost on a daily basis. The one that I present/display mixture the horticultural ingredients (including fresh vegetables) with the cooked rice. One is a very complete salad that with a hard egg, for example, had finished for being an excellent unique plate. The prescription does not take amounts in the description of ingredients, since it is to the taste of the companion at table to increase or to diminish the proportion of each of them.

An important thing is to use peas and you live fresh and very tender. I reserve for this type of you inhabit them to salad smaller and tender, that in stews would be diluted almost. Ingredients: Lettuce (I used iceberg). Tender onion. Celery. Cooked rice.

Red and yellow pepper. Fresh peas. You live tender fresh. Rabanitos. Flavored olives (taking advantage of the carrot and the onion the seasoning). Salt and flower of salt. AOVE (extra virgin olive oil). Sherry vinegar. Juice of lemon. Steps: To wash and to cut the lettuce in Julian. To place I milk of cut lettuce at heart of the source and to flavor with salt (little), AOVE and vinegar. To clean and to cut to the chive and the Julian celery in and placing on the lettuce. Salar (little) and to put a chorrito of lemon on these ingredients. To add a layer of cooked rice (that already takes its salt) and on this to put the peppers cut in daditos, the beans and the peas. To decorate with clean and cut rabanitos in quarters. To flavor with a spurt of AOVE and a little flower of salt. To finish with a few olives (I used those that I flavored), taking advantage of the carrot and the onion that I used in the seasoning. Other pickles like gherkins, capers, cebollitas in vinegar, East etc. ntly assessing future choices. can be added type of salads ground to make it to rice to take advantage of rest cooked rice that could I have had left of other preparations. Also it could be done replacing the rice by some type of grazes that it has exceeded and with additions.


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