Wedding Candles

There’s also lived in recent years near his family. By fifty people in the colony, kids lived separate village houses themselves baked bread, cut firewood. Gathered on the lessons of the whole colony. Drawing on the lessons of Marc Chagall gave them complete freedom of expression, admire their work and they were thawed, excitedly calling out his name, drawing attention to himself. From a desperate lack of money, the abnormal conditions of living, he ventured to ask Damian Poor, a former colleague, permission to travel abroad. Mark was already known that his paintings in Paris and Berlin at a great price, and the workshop is still keeping his unfinished work. In 1922, with the whole family is coming to Berlin. He managed to recover at least a dozen works.

In Paris, too. But he already masters the technique of etching, woodcut. Now, his paintings have become heroes circus, the arena master. Commissioned by A. Vollard illustrates Gogol, La Fontaine. Only cherez15 years, he takes the citizenship of France.

Many travels, looks for images for “biblical message>>. In 1933, on the personal orders of Goebbels book was publicly burned. All of persecution, fear of the time etched in many of his paintings. “The Martyr>>” Yellow Christ>> “White Crucifixion>>. In May 1941, at the invitation of the New York Museum of Modern Art, together with the family is sent to the U.S Was doing a series of works devoted to military issues of the Village and War>>. A great loss it suffered in 1944, when in another world away, his wife. “My wife is dedicated to>>” around it>> “Wedding Candles>> – work in memory of his wife. In 1945, once again dips into the world of theater. Wrote three paintings, curtains and costumes for the ballet “The Firebird>> Igor Stravinsky. By return to France in 1948, receives the Grand Prix for the previous illustration to Gogol. In 1952 he married vg Brody. Makes color lithograph easel graphics. In recent years, got carried away with mosaics, ceramics, sculpture and especially the stained glass. About 1200 square meters of stained glass was made by him and his assistant for the council of Zurich, Reims, to the un on the topic “World>>. At the age of 76! years, he painted during the year by request of the President and the Ministry of Culture ceiling of the Paris Opera. Two years later, at the age of 79 years paints a panel for the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Then he settled in a villa near Nice, where he spent the last twenty years of life. In 1973, 50 years after his departure from Russia, together with his wife, visited Moscow and Leningrad. On his return he painted “The Return of the Prodigal Son>> where on the background of his native Vitebsk is kneeling before his father’s son. The ninetieth birthday of the Louvre was organized by exhibition of his work and awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor. His works are in many museums around the world, as well as in the museum of the monastery of Montserrat. I am glad that this unique artist born in Russia, he loved Russia.

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