Wolfgang Schauble

Experts criticize poor price transparency of the authority number of offices Odyssey nor long stopped Berlin/Bonn, March 2009 the authority number 115 launched in the urban areas is a mammoth project. She should connect the classical information of local authorities with the State and federal authorities in the Federal Germany. \”At the start of the phone number (BMI) Wolfgang Schauble, Minister of the Interior announced that citizens in the future an odyssey through the offices\” should be spared. Industry experts expect prices for 115 calls an Odyssey of a different kind. The press release of the BMI is only to remove that one must reckon with seven cents per minute for calls from the fixed network of Deutsche Telekom.

The tariffs from the mobile networks are predominantly\”between 17 and 39 cents per minute. According to research of the Teltarif industry service, the per-minute rates are partly considerably higher. Unfortunately federal and State Governments have failed to make the telephone service providers requirements for a transparent pricing for calls to the 115. As a result, Prices for a phone call from a German landline are between 7 and 12 cents per minute for a call from the German mobile networks between 17 and 50 cents per minute depending on the provider. And: rather than to be informed about a rate announcement prior to the conversation about the costs, the caller is itself in the complete fare information and terms of use of his telephone provider via the appropriate call charges must consult. It is therefore assumed that many users of the single authority phone number don’t know the costs of your telephone provider for calling such calculated them,\”suspected Teltarif. Five minutes to hold, could be expensive. Who the uniform authorities number on a prepaid rate of mobile phone discounter, may lose it already 2.50 euro of his/her credit balance. At our request, where we exhibit a new passport could let in Berlin and what documents we needed to do this, the following conversation took more six minutes – makes eleven total Conversation minutes and 5.50 euro call costs in our collective example,\”writes Teltarif.


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