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Art prints or Africa pictures, each home is beautiful with these murals. Who is missing that certain something in his apartment, who finds it guaranteed the portal for custom murals and canvases on. Here, there are a huge variety of subjects and formats, so there is something for everyone. Mini formats up to the XXL printing great accents in your own four walls used, save money. Art prints or Africa pictures, each home is beautiful with these murals. How about for example the New York skyline over the sofa? With the top quality XXL canvas images of Galeria-XXL.de this is easily possible. Every visitor is impressed by such screen images and a great atmosphere.

Even art connoisseurs are happy thanks to the wide selection of motifs from painting. Now you can hang up very inexpensively his favourite work in XXL in the living room. Just as super it works with own photos. To the beautiful sunset from your last vacation in the photo album gathering dust? Then a sensational XXL canvas print, which will bring the magic back home helps. And if the color spectrum not quite establishing fits, it can be easily and without loss on Galeria-XXL.de edit. Also baby or wedding photos are always a highlight in black and white or sepia. There are no limits to the motives. The photos are professionally printed with the latest devices on canvas and get the best quality.

The exclusively used manufacturer ink is UV resistant and prevents color loss. The canvases are printed so that the motives cover the edge and reach on the back. It used only high quality Gallery-frame are not forgiven thanks to special processing. The photo printing on the frame is pulled then in hand work. All canvas prints are shipped ready to aufhangen and can be installed easily. The individual housing Configurator guaranteed in advance that the order to the housing fits. Questions to XXL canvas paintings, Galeria-XXL.de experts are with help and advice. So nothing can go wrong When uploading, ordering and delivery. If you are interested, you can find other interesting offers on the subject of wall decoration on the large screen portal. Related link to offer: photo on canvas short profile: the Magdeburg company Galeria XXL has specialized in the specialized design and delivery of XXL murals. Www.Galeria-XXL.de in a wide selection and competitive prices offered on the company’s website. In addition to images of monuments and landscapes, art or retro prints and many others can be ordered. Also there is the possibility of printing your own photos on canvas. A great advantage is that the images can be changed colour and are so customizable. Customer data: Galeria XXL Dipl. des.

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