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State Register

Sometimes, when it comes to the "paper work" begins to seem that the native state has done everything to make life an ordinary businessman did not seem to honey. And the initiative, like, all right (judging from the targets), but their organization, to put it mildly, leaves much to be desired. Judge for yourself: on […]

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The Lot

This is connected not with the taste preferences of buyers, but rather with the price of the product – Traditionally it is believed that cookies should not be expensive. However, the segment of expensive cookies gradually growing, and even those manufacturers who have always specialized in inexpensive biscuits, gradually introduced into their range of higher […]


Mobile Phones Nokia

His first cell phone, Nokia has released in 1987 the company took skilled as much as 10 years to realize the unlimited prospects for the mobile market. Nokia today the undisputed leader in the field improve the mobile technology. The company develops the full range of functionality of their devices, from voice features and imaging […]


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