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City Hall

We therefore understand that social services are instruments of social care available to society and public authorities for responding to the needs of individuals, groups or communities to obtain greater social welfare and thus achieve better quality of life, both at individual and collective levels. In brief words we can summarize, what was said so […]

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Areas Protected By Law

Valley to resaltar that as' ' ressacas' ' (humid areas) they are protected by Law (law n455199) state that it forbids: Implantation and potentially polluting functioning of establishment. Land workmanship planagem, aterramento, land division and opening of canals. Ultilizao as dump. Any activity that threatens to extinguish the species of the flora and Final the […]


Japanese Ministry

The Trade Ministry of Japan said on Thursday August 12, 2010 Apple in Japan unit has satisfied their demands for improvement in security for its portable music players overheated iPod nano. The Ministry confirmed in a statement that the American company, which had been criticized for failing to when presenting the warnings in time, has […]

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