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Leadership Organ Transplants

One donor per million people! When the world average is 15 Chile, Argentina, Brazil, for example have an average of 12-15 donors pmp. 2.-There is inertia of the state, a lack of reflection of the political class, lack of state policy concerning donations and transplants, only worked the Legal Framework at last is also a […]

Poverty And Health

Ently poor is one escapes the ordinary social and cultural norms and that bothers us because diferenteu Poverty is the lack of what is necessary to sustain, maintain and live, lack of income to purchase goods and services essential to maintaining a minimum level acceptable welfare in society. Defining poverty is very difficult in the […]


Republican Left

Shortly before the end of the war went into exile to France. He worked in the newspaper Le Soud-Ouest. En1940 embarked for Mexico. In this country helped Rumbo magazine and former director of the magazine Women’s Home, while Basque collaborated on several publications in exile, including Euzko-Deya, Gernika, Bulletin of the American Institute of Basque […]


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