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Soviet Union

On the other hand, capitalist power elite have long been a "degenerate" democracy, had almost no morals and spiritual principles in matters of policy and management of the company (which is only fully with the development and promotion of the Hollywood factory "film of illusion" to control American society). Based on these portraits of a […]


Emperor Constantine

Let us examine them one by one. Transfiguration Church Potemkin ordered him to design "in imitation of the holy Paul, that outside of Rome," the fourth in importance and the oldest surviving Christian churches, built in 323 by Emperor Constantine. But – Ekaterynoslavsky temple had to be on "arshinchik" long. May 9, 1787 Catherine II […]

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Pawnshop Services In St. Petersburg

Currently, there are quite a few ways to earn the necessary amount of money. But there are situations when money is urgently needed cash, threatens to delay any problems. What to do in this situation? A way out is simple enough – should apply to the Pawnshop "Krasnoputilovskaya" in St. Petersburg. To not claimed the […]

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In 1908, the world marveled at the start of an extraordinary period of economic relief. Mass production of the first cars available to put employee of Henry Ford the opportunity to be the first consumers of the mass society. The American dream became more real than ever. A century later, in full financial crisis, workers […]


Stephen Antonio

It turns out that the baby’s father was one of the guitarists who had worked in the bar named Stephen. But the curious thing about this guitar is that it was 20 years her senior, and had his family in the capital with children and all. But the curious and complicated of all this, is […]


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