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Before Business

To sell to other businesses Before to have a business that require of the premises or a store where we sell products to the public, we can choose to create a business that consists of selling wholesale, that is to say, to sell products that we produce, we send a to produce or we commercialize […]


Puerto Rican

Among entrepreneurs: What now? The other day I had the opportunity of sharing with a Puerto Rican entrepreneur who has spent 6 years with its business, which is both his personal passion. . Unfortunately after a lot of work, effort and with good management, the business still does money to receive a salary but if […]

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North American

We will approach as this proliferation under the domain of the relations has occurred of capitalist production, the values of exchange that it are associates and the consequences caused in the partner-space relations for these new espacialidades from the spalling processes, homogenization and hierarquizao. closed 1.Condomnios Condominiums of apartments exist since 1928 in So Paulo […]


The Most Beautiful Cities In The World

Big cities, small prices football fans should after the World Cup still a little relax. Why not start with a trip to the most beautiful cities of this year’s World Cup participating countries? The flight Portal allows any enthusiastic football fan and all other curious explorers cheap and quick to travel to the main […]


You Are Stronger

You already saw some thing material to walk alone? Clearly that not! Somebody has that to use the hand for conduziz it. It is back in the balcony, waiting with sofreguido that appears somebody to use it? Not! This somebody never needs to exist, to load for itself, the proper vice. You are stronger You, […]


Czech Republic Nordic

Spieth & Walker reviewed the Allstars to Obernzell to guest with friends”is called again for Paul Breitner, Raimond Aumann, Hansi Pflugler and many more legends of German football. If the FC Bayern Munchen of all stars against the tradition eleven of VfB Stuttgart on the upper cell run a lawn. The soccer highlight of the […]

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