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Choosing An Office

Whatever may be involved in your company, whether it is it specific or wholesale trade in building materials, comfortable location for you and your staff is a must. After Office is not just a place where you are from 10:00 to 19:00 working for computer, answering phone calls, generate reports, print documents, communicating with clients, […]


Harvard University

VictoriCars Joins Web 2.0 in order to expand their channels of communication with customers and prospects. The car rental company VictoriCars has joined the latest trend on the Internet, Social Networks. According to Wikipedia: A social network is a social structure that can be represented in the form of one or more graphs in which […]


Berlin Is In Germany

Stefanie Graf first guest in the teapot TEA LOUNGE Berlin, September 29, 2011. Now, Berlin has a more attraction. Stefanie Graf opened in Berlin Center the teapot TEA LOUNGE in Q110 – Deutsche Bank of the future”on the Friedrichstrasse. Germany’s most famous tennis player came in the capital city to enjoy the first tea in […]

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Berliners Alex

Today he is loving the Berliners Alex”referred to. One of the highlights of the Alex”is the famous 16-ton clock system Urania world time clock” with their symbolic representation of the world. The Rotunda – a so-called structure on circular – the world clock contains the names of 148 cities around the world. Since the mid-1970s, […]

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