Bad Schmiedeberg

For the benefit of a grace Court, saxophonist Kathrin Eipert is a free Christmas concert WWeihnachtstraume with saxophone”on the 1.Advent in the Kursaal Bad Schmiedeberg a charming and unique attunement in the Christmas experience at the 1.Advent, the 27.11.2011 at the Kursaal of the iron of Austria in bad Schmiedeberg. Kathrin Eipert, one of the […]

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Daniela Katzenberger

“Rumor is soon in addition to Dieter Bohlen the cat has very many mice”, Germany’s largest daily newspaper, in a report about the blonde of the service which it solely comes down to how much carbon has earned in the last 12 months a certain Daniela Katzenberger sounded recently. (TNN) Now Miss Katzenberger to honor […]

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Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz On Air – A Thousand Red Roses

Every parting is a new beginning OLAF (the flippers) any farewell began a solo career a new beginning came with the album “A thousand red roses” is OLAF after the separation of his band “The flipper” solo on the stage back and on air with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz was exclusive: ( as “The […]

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Top Ten Of The Grief Hits

The band unheilig Achiever of the year at funerals Hamburg, September 08th, 2011 for over a year unholy dominated the German album charts. Their hit single born to live”is already the second most played song at funerals according to a survey by This is just one example of the general trend: funeral music is […]

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Real Estate Law

Entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract the Bundesgerichtshof decided fraud recently about an innovation in real estate law, so the real estate portal reported. A seller at the signing of a purchase contract has knowingly concealed defects, so the right buyer, to withdraw from the contract without a deadline for the rectification. By […]


Interesting Work Of The XXI Century

Many people now believe that daily walk to work leads them to a standstill. These people feel, the wheel every day the same thing and it never will end. Work and family responsibilities take up multitemporal and there is no way to pay some attention to himself. Danny Meyer is full of insight into the […]


Retail Roadshow Airport

On 25 September, the Brodos celebrated Roadshow ‘Retail & friends’ premiered this year at airport an authentic atmosphere in the top location station airport in Dusseldorf. The in-house exhibition of Baiersdorfer distributors once again caused great interest among the more than 200 guests from the industry and trade. “In particular, the topics of Brodos marketplace” […]


Musical Clues

An opera in Vienna – Vienna as a city of classical music of Vienna, only you alone… Who doesn’t know this melody? Who doesn’t remember the wonder boy, who later composed the magic flute in Vienna? And who don’t like weighs in in 3/4 time to Waltz tunes? Vienna is music and music is Vienna. […]

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Removal Of Points In Flensburg

The scoring of the Flensburg transport offender file is difficult to understand especially when multiple traffic violations for multiple traffic offenders. Who wants to get insight in his score, can free get the current status at the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt. The handwritten signature of the request about some personal information must be added to the is important. […]

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Hair Removal – Depilife

For many people the hair removal is now a reality. A method that gradually is being installed in the society to replace the methods traditionally used to remove the hair that grows in unwanted shape on the face and body. Since a long time ago, first women seek the hairs of certain areas in which […]

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