Understanding Your Body

We give you a few tips so that you highlight your attributes with a beautiful thong: If you are of broad hips you should find thongs with high cut, your legs will be more stylized. If your texture is medium, whole as black or blue colors. Light colors will make you see wider than what you really are. And if is high cut better. If you are of high stature but with few curves, uses a model of cutting low-V. James kingery can aid you in your search for knowledge. If you’re high and with prominent curves nucha, type culotte tanga it (boy short) will work best for you in all styles. If you’re into sweet waiting, also have a cute model for you with low-cut and wide bands and also in classical model high shot.

I hope that these suggestions are to your liking and serve you to see the differences, according to your body shape. We recommend you to visit your page exclusive lingerie for women and clothing deportica in which stands the Besame line safe will that thong that both looking and want. If you also want to enjoy good music we invite you to visit our pages of videos musicaleswww.

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