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If we will be stimulated in the field of the faith, will desire to search a religion that in them brings the satisfaction and the pleasure to vibrate God through the Divine virtues, such as the tolerance, the respect stops with other religions and forms of cults. If we will be stimulated in the field […]



I have few days I was I descend for the next Avenue where I live going to work, when ash stopped to my side a Fiat 147, and one Mr. c advanced age insisted p to give a hitchhiking to me. I entered in the car, and I was with shame to ask the name […]


Mago, Babalorix, Sorcerer, Wizard ….

For that they do not know which the difference enters these cited above, we will make a small commentary on practical which of Magic of each one works: Mago: it has knowledge theoretical and practical to act in any area of the Magic, whichever its origin. It has theoretical knowledge and I practise on the […]



Summary of a text of Bossuet, taken off of the book ‘ ‘ Bossuet’ ‘ of Gustave Lanson Publishing company: Lecne, Ondin and Cie. Paris 1891 (ps. 82 the 84) For a speech, it has two things to make, primordially: to form the style and to know of the things. In the style, it must […]


The Plan For A New Company

in the people best develop their inclinations and abilities and to decide themselves in the framework of direct democracy can the entrepreneur and visionary Martin Glogger has developed a blueprint for a new society, where people can best develop their inclinations and abilities and to decide themselves in the framework of direct democracy. See Bill […]

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Interview Company

Dragan Matijevic reported from his Webinaren Dragan Matijevic – Managing Director of brand parkvilla GmbH – responds to frequently asked questions about social media marketing, which provided for its webinars conducted so far by entrepreneurs. Is social media marketing in question for which target groups? “In the first place each company must wonder what would […]

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Baltic Sea Holiday

A dog must not necessarily be a problem while on holiday. The travel time is coming and so many families faced with the question, where with the best family dog. The majority of dog owners would not without the beloved four-legged friends during the holidays and therefore not a pension deport him. NYC Marathon often […]

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HSH Company

The recruiters are the best consultants for the SME/Award for the fourth time awarded are Frankenthal consultants and coaches it in Germany many: about 14,000. But only 114 of them bear the coveted Top consultant seal as best consultant for the middle class. Management and human resources consulting among them HSH + S. The company […]

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Berger Estate

The Berger real estate valuation Munich is headquartered in Munich uses Active various social media channels the opinions on the social web since August of this year, to get into contact with customers. The team led by Jan Berger continuously read posts on the social Web and respond promptly to questions and feedback, to secure […]


Travel Services

Travel agency offers travel services, event planning & coordination with focus Italy now also for company travel agency launched a new Web site with an extended range of travel now also for companies. Under the northern Germany-based travel agency offers exclusive travel services for Italy for some years. While sailing along the Italian […]


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