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Carlos Montillo

The world is, number XXI, the last of the major arcana, although some markings give this place the Loco, with the number XXII. But in general, it is considered this last as the arcane without number. The world is an extremely positive arcane, the only one whose appearance in tarot Chuck is capable of balancing […]


Bernhard Lehner School

Ideal for bargain hunting after early upgrade online shopping school supplies as school bags, school backpacks, crayons & co for school Vienna/Berlin/Zurich Aug 2010. After many weeks of well-deserved summer break, school starts again in the near future for all students and teachers. Already experienced or newly trained students to the school need all Tafelklassler […]


Kansas City Chiefs

Houston is going to its week of rest with a 35-31 win at Kansas City Chiefs, back suffer a run of four consecutive defeats, with out again to light the poor state of the team. In the tenth second week Tennessee Titans to face Houston. The Titans and the Texans have, until the last disputed […]

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