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No Go! New York For Shopping Fans

Big Apple was always the or other value value Big Apple ever voyage was the one or the other, but still: so the city was never attractive to Germans. Especially the cheap dollar makes New York a true mecca for fashion victims and shopaholics adventure. What are the shops and Cafes not to be missed […]

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Germany Cradle Of Art And Culture

Germany is, without a doubt, one of the countries that more it has contributed to the progress of universal thought, where art and culture have flourished from the hand of great writers, philosophers, composers and musicians born in this territory. Proof of fruitful German development in these fields are the outstanding universal figures that have […]

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Mary Kay Ash

Aroma ‘Mary Kay Tribute’ is the best conveys the image of an amazing woman – Mary Kay Ash, and all the flavor notes are a reflection of her multifaceted life. The result of the authors of creative pursuit has become a unique perfume water oriental scent inspired by the atmosphere of a family, which most […]

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