Mary Kay Ash

Aroma ‘Mary Kay Tribute’ is the best conveys the image of an amazing woman – Mary Kay Ash, and all the flavor notes are a reflection of her multifaceted life. The result of the authors of creative pursuit has become a unique perfume water oriental scent inspired by the atmosphere of a family, which most love Mary Kay. Cap bottle perfume rose water flower decorated, which embodies this enchanting fragrance. Eau De Toilette Spray for Men ‘Tribute’ has a leather-chypre fragrance, the unique composition of flavors citrus, fruit, patchouli and musk, sage and sandalwood stresses courage and nobility. Eau de Toilette for men ‘Domain’ – aromatic fragrance with fresh woody notes, musk and lavender, which took a place among fragrances in 2000. He also ranked among the top 15 flavors in 2000 and won the prestigious ‘FiFi’ – an annual international prize awarded in the field of perfumery, won 1st place in sales among fragrances for men in 2000 in the United States.

Eau de Toilette for men ‘Velocity for it’ gives a unique charm of fresh mountain air, cool water and green forests. ‘Create a scent – it’s not just mix a few ingredients, it is slightly more complicated process’, – says the author, perfumer of the New York companies’ International Fleyvors Fregrensiz End ‘(International Flavours & Fragrences) Pascal Gorin. Eau De Toilette Spray for Men ‘MK Intensiti’ – Eastern amber fragrance, which conquers without words. Man, enveloped by this scent exudes strength, courage and sophisticated charm. Taste and style reflect his experience.

He leads a full life, and it draws attention to it. ‘MK Intensiti’ belongs to the category of Eastern perfume. Transparent bottle of toilet water is made in men’s style and pointed like most men, even the most demanding. History of flavors ‘Mary Kay’ began many years ago. But until 1997, the Company’s attention was focused on their types. In the mid 90-ies of XX century, Mary Kay Ash started to learn a new approach to flavor. As a basis it was decided to take no type, and its psychophysical properties (what feelings and associations cause a person this scent, as he reflected on his emotional state, which faces the character reveals how stressed individuality). Starting from the presentation of perfume water ‘Journey’ in 1997, and ending with ‘IC Intensiti’ and ‘Bela Belarus “, the company has created its own, unique history of fragrances, making an invaluable contribution to the development of the cosmetics industry.

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