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Vegetable Squalane

The result of skin around the eyes is smooth, soft and well-groomed. Recommendations for use gentle patting movements, apply gently to the skin around eye. For best results, use morning and night. Do not massage the properties of the active day cream moisturizes, helps prevent dryness and aging skin by restoring the protective hydrolipid (Water […]

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Perfect Skin Naturally

Despite the activity of our life, we must always look perfect and maintain a healthy appearance. But lack of sleep, stress, pollution and other inherent attributes of life in a negative impact on our appearance and, above all, on the skin. Foundation often does not help the situation: the face looks unnatural texture visible on […]

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The Tattoo

Rebuild your schedule, get up 30 minutes early and start the day with a jog. Let it be only a couple of laps around the house, but the sense of cheerfulness will not leave you all day, and physical activity will return forgotten your paint cheeks. Choose a time to march to the beautician and […]

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Mary Kay Ash

Aroma ‘Mary Kay Tribute’ is the best conveys the image of an amazing woman – Mary Kay Ash, and all the flavor notes are a reflection of her multifaceted life. The result of the authors of creative pursuit has become a unique perfume water oriental scent inspired by the atmosphere of a family, which most […]

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