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Haute Couture

A weak, for example, have a girl trip to Milan for opera at the world famous La Scala? Or order under the balcony Serenade of the present Mexican mariarchi in his large sombrero painted. After all, in fact, many possible variants can be devised in order to arrange the mistress of your heart vydayuscheesyaromanticheskoe date, […]

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State Academic Theater

The largest opera and ballet theater in Russia is the Mariinsky Theatre. Its history is connected with the appearance of Stone (or previously known as the Great) Theatre in 1783. In the beginning, the theater suffered a terrible fire, after he became the theater – the circus, then several times changed the name of the […]

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Digital Bloom Brings Art

Finest screen Arts on selected Smartbooks the international art label digitalbloom cooperating for the first time with a manufacturer from the IT industry. “The Cologne company Smartbook AG, manufacturer of mobile lifestyle products, from November the model provides ZENiD GC” as well as the CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski elements-finished Special Edition ZENiD GC CRYSTAL “with a […]


The Agreement

It only took me a couple of weeks to abandon this plan and return to trading. I was sure I had natural talent to be a successful entrepreneur constant, what I needed, I thought it was some support. Support for allowing me the great loss of days to financially cripple me. I went to a […]

Roma Sempre Arena

60 years ago, so at 15, he wrote his first songs. Ten years later “he was a member of the German winner team at the Schlager Festival in Knokke and wrote the worldwide hit for Shirley Bassey Reach For The Stars”. Forty years ago, he finished the third place among the idols of the German […]


Chromojet Floor

Price for a customer-friendly design of the website the IHK Nurnberg for middle Franconia and the competence centre for e-commerce in upper and middle Franconia (KEGOM) have awarded the “Mittelfrankischen site award” this year. Small and medium-sized enterprises were invited to evaluate their website by a jury. The best websites of companies received the website […]


Green Room Public Relations

The multimedia portal offers to the professionals of the media access to other digital content and multimedia news releases NEW YORK, NY and TORONTO (Marketwire July 30, 2009) Green Room Public Relations and Marketwire are partnering to present MultimediNewsCenter. com, an innovative tool of distribution of media that will provide journalists from TV, radio and […]


Business Plans

Where to start to prepare a business plan for a computer club? Today in Moscow and the Moscow region about four computer clubs. Young people spend hours here is cut in the game. And the novice entrepreneur has every chance to succeed. However, weaknesses in this business too much. Most clubs have already died in […]


International Specialist

Good part of the Brazilians sends resources saved in the exterior for Brazil, assisting the national economy and of its familiar next ones. But also we verify in the exterior an increasing movement of Brazilian entrepreneurs who are conquering new niches of market, in the dynamic global market. Good part of these entrepreneurs contracts Brazilian […]


Tax Bonds – Securities

Securities that give the holder the interest income from its fixed costs, and there is VAT bonds. Income is a bond that is issued a bond, payable in the form of vyigrashey. How are certain term bonds are subject to VAT repayment. Funds that are received from the sale of bonds for municipal borrowing, often […]

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