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Demographic Devolution

And it considering the capacity of support of the existing natural resources in the establishments or their environs. Based on the preceding paragraph we create suitable, to describe the profile of the slumses that we come crossing for almost but of four decades. These intense experiences are those that allow us to surpass ” invisibilidades” […]


The Capital

Later that the battalions had taken the due positions, were collocada, for srs governor and president of the intendancy, the rock of the commemorative monument. For this occasio the music bands had touched hymno of the Republic, saving 4 battalion d? artillery. s 10 hours, after cultivated and assignado respctivo auto, was exhausted the civic […]


National Police

" We are thankful to them that they contribute with the movement so that everything is safer " , the spokesman says. Some people have tried to extend their presence by the center of Madrid and outside the limits of Door of the Sun. Several groups are working in installing new locations, although until the […]


Gifts From Poland

What we know about Poland? Do we remember about this state is something else, besides the fact that Poland was virtually destroyed during World War ii? Do we know what interesting things you can see, spending holidays? And what can be brought in gift to friends, pleased and surprised them? In fact, now Poland – […]


Perfect Skin Naturally

Despite the activity of our life, we must always look perfect and maintain a healthy appearance. But lack of sleep, stress, pollution and other inherent attributes of life in a negative impact on our appearance and, above all, on the skin. Foundation often does not help the situation: the face looks unnatural texture visible on […]

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