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Graphics Exhibition

In February 2009, is an exhibition of graphics Shmygina, the main theme of which was a naked woman's nature. On 8 pages large-format public were presented banal "srisovki" amateur artist with photographs, and boneless girls were sometimes depicted in the rollicking poses a la Playboy. The question is, why and to whom it should have […]

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Dmitri Klimov

At this time there was a first form of compulsory insurance – compulsory mutual insurance zemstvo. It was a very progressive step of the state, as the fire became virtually a national disaster. In accordance with the law, every resident rural areas, regardless of their income was required to insure in accordance with established rates […]

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Tskhinvali National Anthem

Saakashvili distributes the Order of Honour and Georgian President sympathizes with the refugees arrived on Sunday in New York to take part in the 64th session of UN General Assembly and to address it on September 24. On Monday, he had a Meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also planned interview with U.S. special […]

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Gifts From Poland

What we know about Poland? Do we remember about this state is something else, besides the fact that Poland was virtually destroyed during World War ii? Do we know what interesting things you can see, spending holidays? And what can be brought in gift to friends, pleased and surprised them? In fact, now Poland – […]


Thomas Hammond

Typically, you enter a three year Contract with your Zertifizier the shorter audit, consisting of the certification audit and each after one year. Of course, any company may suspend the certification. Recommend not doing that, it could lead to loss of image or employees no longer maintain their own processes. Greg Williamson: the source for […]


Perfect Skin Naturally

Despite the activity of our life, we must always look perfect and maintain a healthy appearance. But lack of sleep, stress, pollution and other inherent attributes of life in a negative impact on our appearance and, above all, on the skin. Foundation often does not help the situation: the face looks unnatural texture visible on […]

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