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Fiscal Deduction

Thanks to this fiscal deduction, another one of my partners in Orkestra, Sophia-Antipolis Business Angels, has raised 20 million Euros to invest in innovating companies. ” Google Humano” with Alan East Barrell data is fantastic, first so that we can bring to Spain French money for our projects, and secondly because there is to convince […]

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The Door

Meanwhile, by all means, you are watching the slip of paper with his number of printed consultation, which watches and remira between its hands, elevates his seen the sky and waits for and waits for and hopes. As I say, this less seems a satire of evil taste, directed to a group of civil servants […]


Americans Health

The case of the newyorquino: To walk instead of to use the transport 60% of the Americans do not make exercise regularly. Studies that have corroborated this, to the demonstrated salary have been realised that the average of passages to the day of an American is between 2500-3000 passages to the day (1.6 km.). The […]


Demographic Devolution

And it considering the capacity of support of the existing natural resources in the establishments or their environs. Based on the preceding paragraph we create suitable, to describe the profile of the slumses that we come crossing for almost but of four decades. These intense experiences are those that allow us to surpass ” invisibilidades” […]


South Bainbridge

We now read part of the story of my husband who is inserted in Libro: The Rep it of Great low Price the subtitle: Joseph Smith History: After I went to live to the house of him, took to me with the rest of its workers to excavate in search of the silver mine, in […]



It does not understand that prejudice models what sees and its way to act. It understood if it no longer the prejudice would exist. – The thought appears and pretends that it does not represent. We are like actors who forget that they are representing its paper. The reality it can change but the theater […]


Gentleman One

These you write and fariseos, are hybrid, do not bear fruit, are droughts, have not perceived that the true conversion, the authentic thing, is the one that works of the skin for inside for that reason it is that walks by the life like Christmas little trees with the adornments hung of their dry branches. […]


The Second International Colloquium

In the context of the French case it excels one spread modality of intermunicipal participation in the different metropolitan agglomerations, thanks to which they are coordinated and integrated policies and instruments for the use of the ground at different levels, policies for the regional natural parks and the periurban areas. Concerning Italy, important profits obtained […]


Leonardo Di Caprio

I clarify that they are numbered only so that they are easily identifiable. It is not a question of hierarchies. 1) The film Impossible Mission is brilliant. The one. The two and the three nor I did not see. 2) Whenever handle To become to the future in tele, is left. 3) The film of […]


Pregnancy And Childbirth

I shut up myself, my belly had a contraction by the nerves, I tried to breathe and to tranquilize themselves and embraced little girl to calm it and to make sleep it. Months later, about to give birth, my pressure began to raise, felt to me very badly, but I continued working since almost she […]


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