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Niels Lorenzen

Its product portfolio for laboratory safety showers extended laboratory safety showers with hot water B-SAFETY, the leading German manufacturer for emergency showers and eyewash. With the new ComfortLine laboratory safety showers, a first-aid supply is possible with tempered water. The supply of safety showers with hot water is a crucial aspect. In accordance with DIN […]

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Spitta Verlag GmbH

Current CD-ROM with search function for laboratory testing methods, diagnostic strategies, differential diagnoses. Hardly a field of today’s medicine evolved so rapidly as the laboratory medicine. Almost every day, research and industry bring new methods and tests on the market. A seemingly inexhaustible flood of information for the general practitioner. This software is aimed at […]

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Label Printer

Any risk that is to be able to decipher labels through a bad handwriting or smearing off many laboratories need labels, which withstands even extreme conditions without smearing or shedding of the sample and also significantly different temperatures. MACRO IDENT here the label printer LABXPERT presents, which is ideally suited for time-saving labeling. For various […]

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Frozen Laboratory Samples

For extreme temperatures and aggressive laboratory chemicals the label material of the series B-492 is suitable for laboratory use the labels of the series B-492 FreezerBondz adhere reliably to new or icy surfaces of tubes and vials. You are over laboratory conditions of liquid nitrogen to the autoclave. Their special structure and the adhesive make […]

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Madrid Laboratory

The location of IVIDA in Madrid laboratory and the absence of intermediaries allows processing of umbilical cord blood in less than 24 hours and obtain more stem cells getting better quality of the sample. Since January 2010, close to 1,000 families crioconservado have their babies in IVIDA umbilical cord blood. The majority of couples who […]


The Frogs Laboratory

According to the Horacio clandestine laboratory of Lucca (Italy), 9285% of the animals who are hired by small local ETTs for studies on the healing of schizophrenia are not bothered or abused in any way. It has been known, thanks to an oriondo of the small town of Tuscany, that frogs from the adjacent rivers […]

Why Is It A Spiritual Man To Be Important?

Why is it a spiritual man to be important? Lead a spiritual life is often equated with a life of full of positivity. Being spiritual allows a person like at birth innocent, free loads and full of positive energy. In our modern, stressful times, we can find not the correct way but often to find […]


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