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Vegetable Rice Salad

Often they request salad prescriptions to me. Although already they are 20 those that can be found in the index of this blog, I raise this other today to continue giving ideas to make salads different. I believe that never I make two salads and that equal that like salad almost on a daily basis. […]



In the development of humanity the necessity of creating articles that would help ease everyday processes was presented as a goal to achieve; one of these achievements was satisfied by the invention of the tables, which facilitated work so necessary as work, Cook, or simply support us. The tables are an article consisting of a […]

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Asleep With Shooting Star: Sleep Baby Sleep

The new double CD from shooting star publishing is here. All know and love them, they are the first songs we hear. Mama sang us with them in the bedroom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa have hummed it us in the ear. Songs by evening silence, by the good Moon, his sheep, and the stars are […]

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Roland Rube & Ariane Kranz On Air – A Thousand Red Roses

Every parting is a new beginning OLAF (the flippers) any farewell began a solo career a new beginning came with the album “A thousand red roses” is OLAF after the separation of his band “The flipper” solo on the stage back and on air with Roland Rube and Ariane Kranz was exclusive: ( as “The […]

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Real Estate Law

Entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract the Bundesgerichtshof decided fraud recently about an innovation in real estate law, so the real estate portal reported. A seller at the signing of a purchase contract has knowingly concealed defects, so the right buyer, to withdraw from the contract without a deadline for the rectification. By […]


Musical Clues

An opera in Vienna – Vienna as a city of classical music of Vienna, only you alone… Who doesn’t know this melody? Who doesn’t remember the wonder boy, who later composed the magic flute in Vienna? And who don’t like weighs in in 3/4 time to Waltz tunes? Vienna is music and music is Vienna. […]

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Permanent Hair Removal With Laser Treatment

Worth reading information currently are the permanent hair removal – laser treatment men and women much importance on beauty. Beauty has become an important aspect of private and professional life, so many women and men make her look worry. Everyone cares about the problems of hair removal and looking for an effective and safe treatment […]

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IPL Treatment

More and more men are choosing a method for permanent hair removal the reasons why men want to keep their private parts hairless are different in nature. Mostly however called beauty aspects and hygiene in this context. The fact is that today over a third of the young men on the several body wax themselves. […]

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IPL Removal

The permanent hair removal with IPL is a method the most gentle and effective way of hair removal permanent hair removal is now more in demand than ever. Here there are also the men who undergo this treatment method to permanently remove your hair. But there are also women here more and more often for […]

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