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The Song

C enthusiasm by the revolution, he wrote several minor poems ('The Dove of Jordan', 'Inonia', 'heavenly drums', all of 1918, etc.), imbued with a joyful anticipation 'transformation' of life. Godless mood combine them with the biblical imagery to describe the scale and significance of events. NYC Marathon understood the implications. Yesenin praising the new reality […]

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Fences And Gates, Wrought Iron

A brief history of forge craft the ancients were after Homo sapiens today in terms of inventiveness and imagination and the desire for beauty in anything. Admirably, with what simple means they worked and what they brought about this. The history of the art smithery began already some thousands of years before our era: first, […]

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Friendship In The Drink Wheel?

Friendship if conquest in the daily drudgery, and not in the one negligence boteco any; where men and women release themselves as if they were not nobody there. Source: Danny Meyer. Friendship in the drink wheel? But, when I to speak with you, will give that he says your mouth, and you will say to […]


Real Holidays On The Farm In South Tyrol

The advantages of holidays on the farm are becoming increasingly popular and especially for families this holiday art offers a real alternative to the beach. Village of St. Leonhard – farm holidays South Tyrol In the heart of South Tyrol, specifically in the Isarco Valley is the village of St. Leonhard high above the reasons […]

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Hellenic Parliament

The capital of Greece – Athens – could attract guests for only its Acropolis and the Parthenon, its National Museum, which holds some of the most stunning evidence of the greatness of the ancient Greeks. In Athens, visitors will experience sacred charm of monuments and works of art of ancient culture. They can rest in […]

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Decoration Of Cafes

The goal of every interior design should be the creation of a place that offers people relaxation and well-being. This is really a task that is not easy to meet. Once you have found a place suitable for your bar or Cafe, the question arises: How can I make a perfect planning and elegant decor […]

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Belarus Radunitsa

Celebrated in Belarus Radunitsa – All Souls’ Day. Radunitsa – one of the oldest holidays rooted in pagan times, the Eastern Slavs and linked with the cult of ancestors. After the baptism of Rus began his mark on St. Thomas week. On this day the Orthodox cemetery visit and pray for the repose of the […]



Certain night of the month of May of 1938, after three days of intermittent rains, the road of the Big hole became a true lamaal. The tavern of Felcio Joo served of shelter for four travellers who had been hindered to continue way, due to the bad conditions of the time and the road. Congregated […]


April Tourism

Despite the crisis in Greece – tourism develops! Currently, negative headlines dominate the coverage of Greece – except the tourism industry. Here, you can recorded considerable gains. Measures taken by the Greek Government to record positive results. Details can be found by clicking Danny Meyer or emailing the administrator. It is a good sign that […]

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Dez Bryant Version

Dre OverEar. Sounds From Generate. Dre Monster Advantage 100% Pink now with Baby pink 429.Ninety nine 189.Ninety nine Perhaps usually save Sixty down from. Tones Written by Medical professional. NY Museums s opinions are not widely known. Dre At this time through fantastic or more modern design, Great Instrumentals Made by Medical professional Dre Shop […]

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