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So it was almost impossible to notify all relatives and friends or with a connected significant financial effort, which only very few people could afford. New York Museums is often quoted on this topic. The beginnings of the birth announcement were founded with the ever declining spread by Messenger, but at the same time. In […]

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Nisterau Fabian Sprengel Tel

As a manufacturer of heating control and measuring devices, the company presents solutions that give you control over the domestic energy consumption. The Horstmann product line is a combination of electricity and gas meters and consumption indicators. Able to transmit data directly to the energy supplier, to ensure a transparent and improved billing are via […]

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A Microgolfer Is

PIT GREEN brings you everything on your knees… With its 11.23 cm he is significantly less than Tiger Woods, but regarding power, precision and tactics he is the golf professional in nothing: PIT GREEN, the first manual Microgolfer of the world stands on the tee! The modern relatives of the tip KickFussballers opens a new […]

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RedHat Server

In the extension of the range of Serversytemen, the online shop Thomas Krenn increasingly relies on energy-efficient server. The German Server shipping offered now also the latest Intel 1U and 2U server, which are already certified for RedHat, VMware and Citrix XenServer. Also see the server store immediately a powerful entry level system with Nehalem-technology […]

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San Diego Tech Center

Herisau, September 18, 2009 its data center in a part of the AIS maintains data centers in the San Diego Tech Center (Sorrento Valley, San Diego). the search engine for catalogues announces that its data center in San Diego, operation has been taken. The San Diego Tech Center hosts a wide range of […]

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Jurgen Tilger

A such complex, conveniently brought together in a single seminar, we currently only offer. We stand behind it with Nicole Hollmann and Dieter Baedorff two experienced practitioners who have read their knowledge not only from textbooks or thresh only grey theory straw. “Well, the best teacher is the daily practice on the sales front, says […]

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Niklas Luhmann

“And the examples of Riepl demonstrate very good media to die” and lose their media character. So the Messenger is long no medium more, which established as such in any way, it would be socially dominant in the 21st century”, so lazy stitch (introduction to the media sciences, UTB 2404, S. 158 ff.). The so-called […]


Nina Butzke Tel

Meeting for international partners in London the datango AG is represented all over the world. Therefore offers in London the opportunity to Exchange. “” In the autumn a partner organized the establishment in the UK meeting “for the geographic target areas in US, UK & Nordic countries”. More information is available on the datango website […]

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Sound Art Mediagroup Introducing

Radio advertising with the votes from radio and TV Baar Ebenhausen, September 23, 2009 the new production Studio sound art Mediagroup has your headquarters near the city of Ingolstadt. The production agency with focus on radio advertising and corporate sound logo has in addition to an extensive index of the spokesman above all a professional […]


San Marino

A precise four-sided Groove spring connection attaches these rugged bars fully bonded they are routed to a completely flat surface together. Thanks to precise processing and various variations, the creative freedom provided by style needs, short installation times, without any restriction. Residential ready-sealed solid parquet is offered in a variety of versions, enter new emotional […]

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