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Employment Office

(Online do a notice from your employer get? Get help, not every cancellation is also really effective. Not immediately to sign this, let him check, whether it is properly formulated, so that you get a lock at the employment office. There are many vulnerabilities, where such a well-intentioned removal contract can be problematic and […]

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EUR Settlement

Retroactive correction of service charge settlement is allowed is a mistake the landlord for service charge settlement, so he can correct later this, confirms the real estate portal Even if the correction to the detriment of the lessee, a subsequent change according to the verdict saying of the Bundesgerichtshof from 12.01.2011 is legally valid. […]

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RX Discounts: Knockout For German Bonuses Models

BGH rules on bonus systems for dispensing prescription drugs various bonuses models of pharmacies, which all aimed were the subject of decisions, unless the fact that discounts over a large area on the entire range of pharmacies has been granted to subvert the fixed prices for RX drugs prescribed by the medicine pricing Regulation (AmPreisV), […]

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