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Charitable Work

Since 1997, “” of Rosie has raised more than U.S. $ S22.000.000 for protection in early childhood.Donations educational programs on the 900 nonprofit organizations. Through the Center for Cutie Patootie program grants capital, 27centros for early education in big cities across the United States have received nearly $ 8 million to expand its services. On […]

New York Client

That then same one passes to many of the companies to them, explains Alberto Cordova, partner director of DBM Spain. After this deep analysis it decided to innovate. It looked for to improve the present moments with the clients, being incorporated those things that the user values and today he does not receive. But mainly […]


GSM Communication

The first and main difference is the work of cdma phones in low frequencies of 800 MHz. With this coverage cdma towers to 40 km. This signal towers more diffuse and thus not stable in zones covering cdma phone works better stable. cdma technology includes a coded signal is split by A-kay code, T, E, […]


Individual Entrepreneurs

The register of shareholders is the most important documents of the Company, since only after making an entry into it (pay-in account on the personal account of the Issuer) subject gets right to the shares, that is, becomes a shareholder (Respectively in the same way – by making a record – shareholder rights are terminated). […]


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