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I am advertising executive. Another day I was interpellated by one lady, saying that to make advertising for children it is a nonsense, because they start to charge of the parents what these nor always can buy. I was remembering my infancy. My parents were poor and he did not have television back in house. […]


Photos And Summary For Resumes

Worked for several years 'bounty hunter', I finally convinced how little attention has photos in the resume paying bidders, and how many employees of various departments of human resources. Overestimate the importance of photography in summary is almost impossible! Do not forget the primary selection of candidates for the post of chief mechanic, does not […]


Extracorporeal Life Support

By: Victor Raul Castillo Mantilla, Md. Cardiovascular Surgeon and Executive Director – Fundaci n Cardiovascular de Colombia. Extracorporeal life support have become invaluable tools in patients with heart failure and / or severe lung. Currently, there are two forms of life support such as: extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and ventricular assist devices (AVD). The use […]

Will Find

individual route maps online Oldenburg on, 05th January 2010 simply create and create quick and individual route maps and plans, which promises the new online application of castamap ( Goes castamap officially online just in time for the start of the new year. “Maps are indispensable despite modern navigation systems on your homepage or […]


Michael Noij

This has known to be negative impact on physical servers with direct-attached storage. With the use of resources in a virtual infrastructure, the problem is magnified even more. The additional unnecessary disk-I/O traffic affects not only the responsible operating system, but also on all other operating systems, which share the limited resources. This fragmentation is […]

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The New York Times

"All of the patients are lying …" – the basic motif for which builds the House, MD their relationship with patients. And it is very often true, sometimes bitter, sometimes funny, which is a fascinating form series "House MD" offers its viewers. Methods of diagnosis Doctors Hausa often resembles detective, which he successfully running in […]

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