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Difficult Choice

The eternal choice in women Russification of the story was made Smilie – site fascinating legends and stories. Once in the city opened an unusual building, and there may come absolutely every girl and choose a future spouse. In This building was a total of 6 floors and each floor corresponds to a specific type […]

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The Song

C enthusiasm by the revolution, he wrote several minor poems ('The Dove of Jordan', 'Inonia', 'heavenly drums', all of 1918, etc.), imbued with a joyful anticipation 'transformation' of life. Godless mood combine them with the biblical imagery to describe the scale and significance of events. NYC Marathon understood the implications. Yesenin praising the new reality […]

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Weapons Can Cause Pain

Translation was performed digital library of parables and legends Allstory. We can say that the weapon is not good, because it can be used to destroy a great deal. Exactly therefore its use should be very careful. If by chance use a weapon is necessary, it requires a good reason, you can not use them […]

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State Academic Theater

The largest opera and ballet theater in Russia is the Mariinsky Theatre. Its history is connected with the appearance of Stone (or previously known as the Great) Theatre in 1783. In the beginning, the theater suffered a terrible fire, after he became the theater – the circus, then several times changed the name of the […]

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Architectonic Design

Studying the economic valuations to understand the urban structures of the emergent countries According to Alfredo Muoz comments to us, titleholder in Architecture in Spain, founder of ABIBOO Architecture and PhD in Architectonic Design in U.S.A.: India presents/displays characteristics shared with the rest of Eastern countries and to the time, it presents/displays another series of […]

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The New York Times

"All of the patients are lying …" – the basic motif for which builds the House, MD their relationship with patients. And it is very often true, sometimes bitter, sometimes funny, which is a fascinating form series "House MD" offers its viewers. Methods of diagnosis Doctors Hausa often resembles detective, which he successfully running in […]

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Soviet Union

On the other hand, capitalist power elite have long been a "degenerate" democracy, had almost no morals and spiritual principles in matters of policy and management of the company (which is only fully with the development and promotion of the Hollywood factory "film of illusion" to control American society). Based on these portraits of a […]


Emperor Constantine

Let us examine them one by one. Transfiguration Church Potemkin ordered him to design "in imitation of the holy Paul, that outside of Rome," the fourth in importance and the oldest surviving Christian churches, built in 323 by Emperor Constantine. But – Ekaterynoslavsky temple had to be on "arshinchik" long. May 9, 1787 Catherine II […]

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Green Continent

And if Stanley is likely portrayed a passionate "macho", her unbridled temperament Follow-half hour night race reminded her of wild kangaroos on the expanses of the Green Continent., Having broken out, not a little scared resident. And this was the explanation. The Met, NYC has firm opinions on the matter. Narychavshis and bitten the poor […]

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