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Photoshop Tutorial

Remember as you read fashion magazine and would like to have your photo as well as photos of famous shining models? Now with Photoshop you can do it yourself. This is a pretty simple tutorial that teaches you how to get a smooth shiny effect on your photos. What do you think, due to what […]

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Taxi Orders

It is logical that the taxi services in Kiev very much, and that Kiev taxi is the largest in the country. As a result – the highest demands are made in time for a taxi in Kiev, which greatly tightens competition between the services of the city. Generally accepted fact that the most important factor […]

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Motorists Tips

The long-awaited spring has come! More and more of the sun. Lower and lower bored during the winter snowdrifts. The birds are singing. The girls begin to undress. Everything is wonderful. But there are also negative aspects. On the roads of the city is growing every day number of "snowdrops". No, not those which prohibit […]

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At this point as lucky if you did not come in the midst of the season, then you can go relatively quickly, perhaps in a couple of hours you have to sit crammed bus, where not even move it will be difficult, the availability of tickets is not always means that you will have a […]

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O3SIS Living Mobility Mobile World Congress 2009

O3SIS presents innovative living mobility products on the mobile world the O3SIS AG, a leading provider of mobile software solutions, gave Congress Barcelona, Spain, Overath, Germany, February 10, 2009 today to present your products at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain from 16-19 February. On this year’s event O3SIS the new editions of their […]

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