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RuNet Open New Service Portal

At the new site will not just accumulate the existing offers shippers, transport owners and their customers, but also the conditions for their interoperability. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bill de Blasio. Organized a special platform where everyone can hold a tender for the best conditions for their transport. It is planned to […]

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Body Repair Center

Welcome to the station body repair Smart Fix! Every day on the roads becomes more and more cars. In the summer many machines in the winter with less, but the difficult road conditions … Anything can happen. It happened and you are involved in accident. Once all the formalities are sorted out, there is a […]

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Taxi Development

Development Taxi Taxi word appeared in France from the word "taxi", a translation indicates the means used to transport people, freight and travel costs. History taxi originated in France in the 18th century, it was there, in this time, there were horse-drawn carriage, which became known as "fiacres", in honor of Saint Fiacre, as the […]

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Choose A Car Subwoofer

Vsvtraivaya music in the car, most are one reason or another refuse an essential component audio systems – a subwoofer. And thus depriving themselves of pleasure to listen to musical masterpieces in full quality. After AUTO needed not only for lovers of "disco on wheels." In its "sphere of influence" – to play instruments such […]

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Pawnshop Services In St. Petersburg

Currently, there are quite a few ways to earn the necessary amount of money. But there are situations when money is urgently needed cash, threatens to delay any problems. What to do in this situation? A way out is simple enough – should apply to the Pawnshop "Krasnoputilovskaya" in St. Petersburg. To not claimed the […]

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Honor Cars

Buying cars – a crucial moment, given that such a decision should be treated carefully and responsibly. An important question that arises before any client Honor: what kind of car to buy – the new, which can be purchased specialty store, or mileage, that is beushnye car. As he and other options have advantages. Specialists […]


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