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In first place, he would like to alert it not to believe everything that is published by pertaining organizations the ONU, therefore, many times, such actions and orientaes have the objective to make with that countries of first world continue to keep its hegemony, in economic and technological terms. This seems to be the case […]



The regulating formative evaluation is a integrativo and regulating mechanism of the pedagogical work and the learnings. Therefore, it is source of descriptive and interpretativas information of the passages and the contents of learnings of the pupils and the didactic situations and the relation between pupils. For this, it affirms Perrenoud (1999), we cannot dissociar […]


Codex Calixtius

The monastery, according to the cultural currents of the time, would not go behind the cultural centres that were the escuelasde cathedrals, as evidenced by the two Garampi emerged from his scriptorium with beautiful and elegant calligraphy and personalities that came out (), which does not exclude that they could then be sent to top […]


Moral Siege

therefore, the harmful effect of the practical one of the moral siege in the workers, cause new trends of the proper workstation inside, as the dispersion of the labor activities, the desconcentrao, the creativity lack, among others factors, that finish for developing consequences and damages that will be felt in the company, thus causing certain […]


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