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Pavel Vitalis: The Meaning Of Judaism For The Future Of Europe

The meaning of Judaism for the future of Europe is in an identity crisis. The vacuum of postmodernism, the adoption of the tradition, the question is which way Europe should go in the future? How to respond to this challenge? By no means, Europe needs subjectless societies. For more information see this site: Danny Meyer. […]

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International Academy

Conny Stark paints pictures of many different musicians special jazz & Blues. From September 5 to October 3 2011 an exhibition in the City Hall of Verden found on the occasion of the Verdener Jazz & Blues days (on the all) instead of jazz images of Conny Stark! Color sounds in the rhythm of Jazz: […]

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Latin America

Before this phenomenon of unemployment, it is possible to ask itself what really is making the Government on the matter? How much it costs to him to the country to have a considerable number of vacated people more and if they are young? How universities Institutes are facing the problem of unemployment? Which are the […]

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Central African Republic

From that date until now the production grew on a so ample scale that it located to the ex- Portuguese colony in the put second of African producers of crude. Angola became the main petroleum provider of China, arriving at the 15% from the consumption of the Asian country. EE.UU. At the beginning of this […]

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European Central Bank

EFE new series will be called Europe, in tribute to the character from Greek mythology who gave its name to our continent. They will have 3 new safety elements: the watermark portrait, hologram and the emerald green number. They will be introduced gradually over several years, starting with the $ 5 ticket in may 2013. […]

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French University

He married Dolores Guirao. Between 1912 and 1914 with a scholarship from the Junta para Ampliacion de Estudios studied Phonetics and Dialectology in French, German and Swiss universities. On his return was appointed Professor of the center of historical studies in Madrid, which had been founded on the initiative of the Board of large studies […]

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Monika Mori Express

Moving opening of the exhibition falcoheaven4healing in the Tabor Tower in Steyr the exhibition opening of imagination, creativity and moving meetings proved that the symbiosis between art and gastronomy gives an intense pleasure. The Viennese artist Monika Mori was visibly touched that her wish of the images in the Tabor show realized Tower “Heaven close […]

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Tramvia Blau

In addition, taxi stops can be found in Estacio de Sants, on the Nord station and in all those related with service from Renfe or of the railways of the Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC). The provision of taxi service is subject to urban rates that apply annually. Fees and authorized supplements are mandatory for the […]

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Vernissage Art Light Symbiosis In The Cologne Designer Bar Ucon-lodge

HDR photo artist Ralf Voigt exhibition opened on Friday, March 20, 2009, 7: 00 pm Cologne, 09 March 2009 – the ucon lodge turns off art photographs of the artist Ralf Voigt in the premises of the designer bar Friday, March 20, 2009. Opening of the exhibition is from 19:00 in the presence of the […]

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Web Life

We do not have to underestimate to the people who feel attracted by this type of philosophies like which she raises the law of the attraction because although can be buying faithfuls we must understand that he is not ethical and well she is not seen none to try to only use the motivation of […]

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