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The Scene

The image has been prefab to hide the fear to acknowledge their true identity, avoiding his confrontation. The theatrical however, the image is presented as power of attraction to your audience. Your coldness is due to the lack of life that transmits the characters and people who look at it, but that the / she […]

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Miguel Domnguez

The more traffic you have to your Web site, the more possibilities will have your site to generate gains. Marketing in Internet is a necessity for any company in line. Without these advice of marketing in Internet your business cannot obtain the suitable exhibition that needs to compete with all the other companies that sell […]


Fiscal Deduction

Thanks to this fiscal deduction, another one of my partners in Orkestra, Sophia-Antipolis Business Angels, has raised 20 million Euros to invest in innovating companies. ” Google Humano” with Alan East Barrell data is fantastic, first so that we can bring to Spain French money for our projects, and secondly because there is to convince […]

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