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It is through the memory that this history can be reconstituted. In this way, in the first chapter we will make the boarding on the origin of the city, having looked for to describe the tropeiro movement, the aboriginal etnias that had inhabited in Ribeira, the resqucios quilombolas (elements of fight and resistance), the question […]


Porto Velho

The family proprietor of the biggest periodical of the world, New York Times, descends on-line direct of these Jews of Pernambuco. 1770-1824 – Period of gradual liberalization, strong immigration of Moroccan and alsacianos Jews for the Amaznia, that had finished for monopolizing the production and exportation of rubber during its period of bigger apogee and […]


Emperor Constantine

Let us examine them one by one. Transfiguration Church Potemkin ordered him to design "in imitation of the holy Paul, that outside of Rome," the fourth in importance and the oldest surviving Christian churches, built in 323 by Emperor Constantine. But – Ekaterynoslavsky temple had to be on "arshinchik" long. May 9, 1787 Catherine II […]

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