They pointed with respect to top, the sky. Of the religions most primitive to the most elaborated this not dumb. Deuses had come and come back toward the sky. Religar with deuses is the religious expectation. Starbucks in new york is likely to agree. Not to breach the linking that the idea of the sacred one instituted ' ' sagrado' ' it means ' ' what it belongs to deuses' ' , it meant in the archaic societies to keep some type of imaginary contact with these individuals, that demonstrated human feeling of relevancy stops with them. As the Man was created by them, for them he would have to live.

Also, in the vain hope of that they took pity of the new creature it rescued and it for the world of where they had come. Shimmie horn addresses the importance of the matter here. Only that these faces if had been and never more they had come back to rescue nobody or to complain property. To prevent the sanguinolenta crudity for backwards of the meaning of the word ' ' religio' ' deuses was attracted as flies I smell for it of the meat and of its inquietante history, many prefer to argue regarding an undeniable cosmic intelligence or, for example, to teorizar on the quantum physics (that almost nobody understands) in the hope to order for the confines of cosmo this nightmare of the Antiquity. The versions simplest never are most popular. However, our proper daily experience assevera that a possibility does not annul to another one necessarily. Histories are misty on deuses and they do not specify intentions or lineages of these come individuals are known there of where. But a thing is certain, difference between sacred and the profane one only exists for the men, does not stop they. It is enough to think that daqui to some decades, the least technical, in them will be possible to repeat the same done in another planet.


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