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RKW Hessen: Board Meeting At The FRaGER GmbH

The RKW Hessen in Immenhausen has met for its last Board of Directors meeting in 2010. The FRGER group, leading manufacturer of Powertrain systems, was the host. Immenhausen, December 13, 2010 – since 2003, the company is a member of the RKW Hessen e.V., Managing Director Claudia Frager engaged from the outset in the Board […]

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Unfortunately still not back so positive experts out for 2011 in part with lower solvency and liquidity bottlenecks at the corporate site that sees solvency prognosis for 2011 for some sectors of the economy. The payment behaviour of customers deteriorated according to leading credit reference agencies in an upswing again. Liquidity bottlenecks in companies can […]

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Microsoft Solutions And SAP Integration For Customers In Benelux Countries

New joint venture CXS with headquarters in the Netherlands Schiphol, Netherlands 22 March 2011 corporate project solutions (CPS) and Campana & SCHOTT (C & S) announce the launch of their joint ventures CXS. This offers its services to corporate clients in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. CXS b.v. has its headquarters in the Netherlands and […]

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Laptop Repair In Berlin By An Expert

Laptop Shop-Berlin offers professional notebook repairs in Berlin and the Berlin area as a competent service partner offers notebook repairs for all major brand laptops to. Particular specializations of the company are repairing Samsung notebooks, as well as the repair of defective Lenovo notebooks. The notebooks for the repair can be placed in two […]

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Decide to start a work from home by internet, is a task of the more easy and the more difficult, everything will depend on how what you consider us. Think that you will have more time to do what you want is partly truth and partly lies. It is obvious that starting a working from […]


Bolivarian Government

However, there are those who consider that if it has been reduced, declined, since then the current Government supporters consider it so and not surprising to read reviews like. He lives. GOB. view that points out, that between the years 2002 and 2006 the proportion of extreme poverty decreased from 25 per cent to 12.5 […]

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