South Bainbridge

We now read part of the story of my husband who is inserted in Libro: The Rep it of Great low Price the subtitle: Joseph Smith History: After I went to live to the house of him, took to me with the rest of its workers to excavate in search of the silver mine, in which I was working near a month without achieving the success in our company; and finally I convinced the old gentleman who stopped excavating. Thus it was as the rumor that were originated I had been seeking of money. During the time that I was in that work, I stayed myself with Mr. Isaac Hale, of that place. She was there where I saw wife for the first time (its daughter), Emma Hale. We married the 18 of January of 1827 while I still was to the service of Mr.

Stoal. By reason that she continued affirming that had seen a vision, the persecution to me continued watching, and the family of the father of my wife was against very many to that we married. Therefore, I was myself forced to take it to another part, so that us we were and we married in the house of Mr. Tarbill, in South Bainbridge, County of Chenango, in New York. Immediately after my marriage, I left the work of Mr.

Stoal, I moved to the house of my father and with him I worked the Earth that season. Joseph Smith History 56 58 I am sure that those that those that already has had the opportunity to have read these passages that I have mentioned, will now find in the same a much more ample content del that had caught until now. This story mentions like a happening, one of the most tremendous episodes of my life, nothing is said on my it warms up, nor that I have been uprooted by my own family, who despite being a woman without no extramarital experience, I had to marry far from my family, in the house of strange people for me, soon to go to live with the numerous family of my husband, those who never at least it had seen once, in the middle of the majors economic shortages and prevailed on everything what until then it had been essential part of my life, family, friendly, etc.


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