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The multimedia portal offers to the professionals of the media access to other digital content and multimedia news releases NEW YORK, NY and TORONTO (Marketwire July 30, 2009) Green Room Public Relations and Marketwire are partnering to present MultimediNewsCenter. com, an innovative tool of distribution of media that will provide journalists from TV, radio and print media and online, the information in the format that they choose. The announcement was made at the fifth edition of the annual meeting of ExL Pharma’s communications and public relations, which takes place at the world headquarters of Pfizer in New York, from 27 to 29 July. MultimediNewsCenter. com is a news portal designed for all professionals in the media. Unlike other providers of multimedia news, the portal allows you to access and use of all formats of media content: TV stations can convey animation and additional footage of quality; radio producers can access short phrases in their favorite audio files formats; the journalists from print media and online access to photographs, high resolution video, and much more. All content is marked for easy incorporation into blogs, websites and other news media.

MultimediNewsCenter. com is also a resource to save important information such as biographies, statistics, and data sheets for example. Bernadette Lee, Vice President of relations with partners and media services, Marketwire, said: currently, journalists have to do more with fewer resources. We are proud to offer journalists another means to access relevant digital information, no cost, that will enrich your content and will expedite your workflow. Deborah Sittig, partner and strategist of media’s Green Room Public Relations, added: in short, we are offering a unique place where you can access all formats of digital media.


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