The Tattoo

Rebuild your schedule, get up 30 minutes early and start the day with a jog. Let it be only a couple of laps around the house, but the sense of cheerfulness will not leave you all day, and physical activity will return forgotten your paint cheeks. Choose a time to march to the beautician and make gentle gas-liquid scrub – skin posvezheet and become more uprugoy.Nasyschenie oxygen lead to increased skin metabolism, restoration of the microcirculation, the protective function of the skin, and keep the water supply both deep and superficial layers skin. And, most importantly, as discussed – tattoo. The procedure returns the skillful conduct of the brightness of the face for several hours.

Corners of the eyes podopustilis? Tattoo eye will adjust it. All will depend on your decisions, how bright you want to look if you want to return to the previous ratio or eyes look more "dyed". "Pogrustnevshie", dropped to the bottom corners of the lips – Tattoo "lift the" them, add volume, brightness returns and clear lines. Tired of trips to the beautician for painting and correction of eyebrows? Tattoo eyebrows to get rid of this quite often repeated the procedure. In addition, tattooing of eyebrows visually corrects a small number hairs give the desired shape the eyebrows and face expressions. You will only rarely take tweezers and remove the hairs outside the outline tattoo. One advantage of the tattoo – no recovery period. Even if you written to the master for the evening, the next day you can not hesitate to go to work.

Only during the days of three – four you'll look a little Bole "dyed". These few days prior to the acquisition their permanent color pigments are often a turning point in a woman's life. Not all have time to apply makeup on a regular basis, and, briefly looking into the mirror, get used to see a pale reflection of it. For these A few days before lightening pigment tuned sense of self, when you look in the mirror you will always see a perfect makeup, bright colors. And it often stimulates a woman for more attention to themselves and their appearance in whole. Oh, and often after the "additive" colors by coming to a corrective procedure, Queens, initially insisted on the most natural colors, are asked to make them more vivid.

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