Germany Cradle Of Art And Culture

Germany is, without a doubt, one of the countries that more it has contributed to the progress of universal thought, where art and culture have flourished from the hand of great writers, philosophers, composers and musicians born in this territory. Proof of fruitful German development in these fields are the outstanding universal figures that have delighted the world of Arts and culture of Germanic origin. Names like those of Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwing van Beethoven classical music, Goethe and Schiller in literature or Nietzsche, Kant and Marx on philosophy are sufficient to illustrate its unmatched wealth. All this cultural and artistic condensation is reflected in buildings, streets and walls of cities where artistic expressions have their place, either in art schools, museums or in the myriad of Stencils painted by professionals or amateurs in the walls of the Centre and the suburbs. In the city of Berlin, for example, cultural centers and museums are one of the biggest attractions for residents and foreign tourists.

They can study and admire part of this rich history and at the same time enjoy concerts or exhibitions of first level for free. One of the places most used for these activities is the Kulturforum, located in Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin, is a cultural center of strange architecture built in 1956 and that usually act the famous Berlin Philharmonic being one of the highest points of attraction of the city. Besides the museums in Berlin have a great variety and many of them are clustered in a sector of the city commonly called the island of museums to facilitate access to visitors. There are the National Gallery, the Pergamonmuseum (where you can see the most valuable antiques on the planet) and the Altes Museum three of the best rooms of art in Germany. But not only in the capital of the country is given importance to art but in cities like Munich or Cologne possess a large quantity and quality of museums especially dedicated to the ancient, medieval and Egyptian art. These are some of the reasons for the that Germany is considered the Mecca of culture by most experts and art historians.

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