End Of Existence Establishment Advice

Each stage of the professional start-up advice of of existence of and obstacles for the use In the context of a professional existence start-up consultancy iterate regularly following four major phases. Examination on feasibility feasibility study defining the business objectives introduction of measures is the start-up advice of existence of basically be divided into 4 phases: 1. check on viability in this first phase of existence establishment consulting is the project in its feasibility and sustainability examines. While the chances of success of the business idea / of the founding project be assessed on the part of the founding consultant of existence of. 2.

feasibility study whether of the company founder that brings personal and professional characteristics of an entrepreneur, is judged in this second phase. In addition, the consultant takes position on the current situation of the relevant market or market segment, as well as to the expected market evolution. In addition, he advises Founding consultant of existence of the budding entrepreneurs, inter alia with regard to the choice of the optimum financing option and a suitable site. 3. setting the business goals in the third phase the objectives of the start up company lays down specifically.

In the course of preparing a full concept of of establishment of / business plan defines the consultant the pending measures and in writing the manner of implementation. A good business plan is also a schedule to find what exactly sets the dates / periods of individual measures. 4. introduction of measures the last phase of the start-up advice of of existence of ends with the actual founding of the company. All necessary measures, which are carried out in the establishment plan, have been realized now supportive of the consultant. What are the most common obstacles for the use of a professional existence start-up advice? The partially relatively high cost of existence advice of of establishment of, are the main cause for the rejection of what is between move about 600 euros and about 1200 euro per day. Furthermore, the lack of qualifications of many advisors from a claims discourages the founder. Negative experiences with consulting services, as well as a fundamental rejection of advisors often prevent cooperation between entrepreneurs and founding Advisor of existence of. More obstacles when requesting a – almost always-meaningful – start-up advice of of existence of are hubris, the fear of disclosure of confidential data and the uncertainty in the selection of an appropriate consultant.


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