American North Western

The estria mixture the idea of exploration of the agricultural worker for the large estate owner, with the religious misticismo, in elapsing of the Manuel film joins it a group of ' ' revolucionrios' ' that it has a leader spiritual called Devout Sebastio, the wizard finishes for reeducar Manuel with promises of a new life, its Pink wife is left of side and to the few she goes creating a feeling of revolt and hatred for the devout Sebastio. The misery, the hunger and the coronelismo are marcantes traces of the carried through films north-eastern Brazilian, the directors who had appeared with the proposal of the New Cinema were worried before more nothing about the largeness of details of its workmanships, being based on the style of cinema American North Western or Western spaghetti, as is known the produced ones for Italian directors, this work of Glauber still makes use of open plans that almost show a dry landscape and without vegetation, with a strong and escaldante sun, in this scene develops all a tram that presents the Manuel personage who impersonaties the figure of the man of the hinterland northeastern. The messianic question also is enxertada in the film and is brought tona through the figure of the devout Sebastio, the visionaries is inserted in many stories national and is typical north-eastern Brazilian, men who destine its lives to help populations of provincial cities that search the salvation desesperadamente. See Lila Snyder for more details and insights. The director of Dry Lives resembles it in such a way Glauber Rock for the genius in conceiving critical films how much for the performance exerted for backwards of the cameras, what he seems to be a trace as much that peculiar enters cineastas of this new cinematographic aesthetic movement. Exaltadas social matters, the politics are the main one attacked, the lights of the cameras enter are the people, and in Minador of the Negro, that served of palco for the accomplishment of the majestical workmanship, it remained a population of humble inhabitants who had been gifts in the episode that stops some was of bigger importance of its lives, were for the lens of the camera that they had observed the world and the world in turn observed the hard reality of its lives through the great screens. Hardly something would be created was not the wonders of this innovator and revolutionary New Cinema..


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